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장병하 2010년12월20일

The Protein Science Week "PEP TALK"

Formulating Biologics: Meeting the Challenges

Protein-Device Combinations

PEP Talk 2011
January 10-14, 2011 Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, CA




Alternative / Innovative Devices & Methods For Parenteral Drug Delivery

9:20 Improving Biotherapeutic Convenience and Compliance through Delivery and Alternative Delivery Technologies

Joel Richard, Ph.D., Senior Director, Head of Drug Product Development, Pharmaceutical Development, Ipsen

This presentation will offer perspectives on life cycle management of protein therapeutics, strategies developed for production of long acting protein therapeutics, protein engineering and post-translational modifications to prolong half life, depot formulations based on biodegradable and/or natural polymers and lipids for injectable sustained-release formulations of proteins, alternative non-invasive routes and delivery systems, comparison of the advantages/limitations of the various routes, and examples of successful and promising strategies and technologies.

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9:50  Introducing LYOTIP™: A Novel Delivery Device for Lyophilized Formulations
Byeong S. Chang, Ph.D. President, Integrity Bio, Inc.
Despite the benefit of superior stability, lyophilized formulations are considered less desirable primarily because of the inconvenience of reconstitution. Recent development of prefilled syringes further weakens the competitive position of lyophilized formulations in the market. LyoTip™ is developed to close the gap by allowing a convenient delivery of lyophilized formulations. LyoTip™ is a container/closure system which is designed to be a cost effective alternative of the current vial systems. Features include easy fill/finish/lyophilization operation as well as the convenience of prefilled syringes.